Preparing your older, empty property for sale and want to present it to its best advantage?

We thoroughly cleaned a small, older property this week and as part of the job, we used a few easy tricks to make sure that this empty property looks as inviting and appealing as possible before it has it’s first Open Home viewing.

Here are a couple of quick and easy tips:

Entrances & Front Doors
Remember that people enter Open Homes to view a property through an entrance door, which is usually left open.
Ensure that you clean the outside (and inside) of the door, doorstep and around the entrance to freshen it up.
Remove and replace an old doormat with a new one.
Remove any trip hazards i.e. uncoiled hoses and items such as dead plants, old or broken pots.
These small actions will make a better first impression.

Window Dressings
Take down old and torn nets or curtains as they are a visual distraction and make a property look less clean and cared for.
Re-hock up curtains and even out the draping.
Push back and arrange a curtain to the sides of a window, to open up a room and let more light in.
Pull up or remove wonky blinds.
Clean windows and sills.
Rooms will now look brighter and more spacious.

Curtains falling down and stacked in the middle.

Curtains hocked up and stacked to each side, make the window look bigger and the room brighter.

Remove old curtains or window coverings and tidy up those messy cords, as they are visual distractions.

If you need help getting your property decluttered, cleared out or cleaned, give us a call
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