Make your space the way you want it

When you feel that accumulated clutter is starting to take over your enjoyment of your home, or you are preparing for sale, it’s time to think about starting your declutter project. We know from experience that this can feel like an overwhelming task, especially on your own, but the results are satisfying and rewarding.

We offer a personal, sensitive and discreet service, working with you to make the process of getting your home, garage or office back in order pleasant and effective. You decide what you want to keep, discard and donate.

Whether you are looking for a little help or a complete transformation, we offer a tailored approach to your decluttering needs:

  • Assist with your decision making
  • Source boxes, pack and label
  • Source off-site storage if required
  • Organise removal services
  • Arrange sale, donation and disposal of goods
  • Reorganise the space
  • Rubbish removal

Benefits of decluttering your home before sale:  

  • Top tips for maximising viewing numbers and sale prices of properties always feature decluttering and cleaning
  • Statistics suggest a possible return of 3-5% in sale price
  • Considered a low-cost investment for increased return
  • Creates a better overall first impression, the property looks more spacious and inviting
  • Potential buyers can visualise their items in the space and see it as ‘their’ new home
  • Excess clutter can create an impression that the property is unkept and may require major repairs
  • Better photography as less items distract the eye, ensuring greater visual marketing impact
  • Organised, clean cupboards and garages feel like they have plenty of storage space
  • Allows better access to ‘deep clean’ and the property is more prepared for moving out
  • Less items to move which saves money on the removal, cartage or storage
  • You are better prepared for quicker sale, moving and are less stressed, allowing you to concentrate on the selling or purchasing process.
By using SORT OUR SERVICE, you will save time and effort, whilst making gains for a modest investment.

Who uses our services:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Executors
  • Lawyers
  • Social Services

We know making a start is the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be.
Make it easy for yourself and give us a call on 04 213 7345 or 021 227 3345.