Additional Services

Make the best use of your time

Our additional services provide assistance in organising, co-ordination and practical help for pre and post house moves:

House Move Support

We understand that moving house can be time-hungry and stressful.  We are not house movers, we’re here to help shoulder the load by assisting you through the process of assessing the scope and requirements of your move. This includes handling the pre-move tasks such as organising moving company quotes, timetabling connection of utilities, updating contact details, recording inventory and coordinating all moving day logistics.

We can help you plan the layout of your new home, and organise packing and identify items for sale, donation, storage and disposal.

On moving day, we will oversee the packing process and liaise with the moving company and any required trade services. The placement of furniture at your new home will be arranged with care and efficiency and we’ll oversee any third party unpacking.

We can take care of part or all of the move process for you, so you have more time.  Talk to us about any additional services that you require for your move.

Unpacking Service

We can unpack your entire house or just the rooms you specify.  After the movers have unloaded, we step in to help get your new home set up and ready for you to enjoy.

  • Cupboards wiped, cartons unpacked, and items placed
  • Kitchens ready to use with food items placed in pantry and refrigerator
  • Bedrooms set up, clothing organised and placed in wardrobes
  • Beds made up with your linen
  • Bathrooms organised
  • Children’s rooms set up
  • Linen cupboard arranged
  • Books and ornaments unpacked and displayed
  • All boxes and packing materials disposed of

Ways our additional services save you time and reduce stress:

  • Help prioritise tasks, develop a comprehensive move plan, including timeline and checklist
  • Find and organise the removal company, including getting quotes
  • Source boxes, pack and label
  • Plan and co-ordinate your move for you
  • Organise off-site storage and get your items into secure storage
  • Arrange sale, donation and disposal of goods if required
  • Help you unpack and organise your items in your new space
  • Domestic pet transportation if required
  • Rubbish removal

Who uses our services:

  • Individuals
  • Families

Whatever level of involvement you need, we are here to help you sort out your house move.
Give us a call on
04 213 7345 or 021 227 3345.