What to Expect

The starting point is an initial chat on the phone to set up a Free half hour consultation, call us today on 021 227 3345.

What to expect is that we will come to you to discuss your requirements, assess your space, then talk about the next steps and process to get your job done. We’ll also discuss how best to approach the work based on your timeframes for completion, taking into account your availability, preferred level of involvement and energy levels.  Each project is tailored to suit all specific requirements.

After that we’ll send you an estimate based on your project that outlines the tasks and predicted cost.

Once you have accepted our estimate and your deposit is received, we will confirm the booking date and time to start the work.

An action plan is also created with key tasks and timeframes which acts as our checklist.

During the sorting out process we will work with you to assist you in your decision making and will keep you informed as we progress.

Once finished we will confirm the final cost and provide an invoice for payment within 7 days of completion.

We provide receipts confirming payment has been received.

In summary, what to expect is:
Great communication, careful planning and a very practical, efficient service to get your project completed.