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“I employed the services of Sort Out Service to help me through the daunting task of moving house after eleven years in residence.  Although I had planned the move for over six months and had started de-cluttering some areas, the final push was very overwhelming and I had been procrastinating for almost two months.  Janice came to my rescue like a guardian angel.  Her common sense approach was the godsend I needed as we worked alongside each other for a solid two days, boxing up excess, cleaning top to bottom and staging my house for sale.  There was no judgment of the mess I had got myself into, and total respect for all my possessions as we discussed what were treasures (to me) and identified what was rubbish. Throughout the process, Janice managed to combine her gentle sense of humour with a determination to keep me focused on the task. Totally recommend Janice and SOS, the best thing I could have done.”

Diane, Decluttering and Downsizing in preparation for house sale and moving

“Hi Janice, thank you soooo much for all your help. You were great to work with, really organised and very caring. You never made me feel bad about anything, but completely relieved my mind and got the job done. Kindest regards.”

Jackie, Declutter and Downsize ready for house sale

“It was great working with Janice, who helped me stage my large home prior to going to market. Having someone to bounce ideas off who is practical and innovative, worked well and we dressed the house using mainly my own possessions along with a few items I purchased and could use in my next property. It was more fun and much quicker working with Janice.
I can highly recommend Janice to anyone needing assistance to get their house ready to sell.”

Robyn, Prepare house for sale

“I described Sort Out Service as “midwifery for moving” because of the skill doing varied care during a process of deep importance to the client, but I’m not sure if it’s our beloved old home or our family that is being born.”

Susan, Downsize, Find homes for donations in preparation for house sale

“Thank you for your help and kindness.”

Marcella, Downsize in preparation for house sale and retirement living

“Thank you with your support for the house clearance…brilliant!!”

Gillian, Declutter, Living estate clearance