Pair of socks finally united

Happy Unite Your Socks Day 2019

Happy Unite Your Socks Day.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day.
It’s a traditonal time to think about and commit to our New Year resolutions.  I’ve promised myself to hit the gym, drink more water, get at least 8 hours sleep and a long list of other self-promises that I may also find hard to keep!

To celebrate the eve of the day that I am due to start resetting my life and working through my priorities list, I decided to get a minor but hugely satisfying job done.  After a lot of ‘sock-searching’, I have dubbed it: “Unite Your Socks Day“.  It’s a small tidy-up job, but getting it done may encourage you to get onto other tidy-up tasks.  Starting is key, no matter how small or quick the job.  If rummaging through your drawers, clothes basket and behind the washing machine for the partners to singleton socks has been time-consuming and frustrating for you.  Then, this little exercise in sock archaeological digging will reap immediate results.  You may even find out, as I did, that you don’t need to buy any new socks for a while.

Here are the simple steps for how to sort and unite single socks, super fast:
1. Empty all sock repositories, drawers, bags etc.
2. Look behind the washing machine and clothes dryer.  Socks are like mice, they hide where you can’t get to them!.
3. Spread the whole lot on the floor, make sure you have enough space.
4. Quickly (like you are in a lolly scramble, as this makes it faster and more fun!) sort into ‘kinds’ i.e. sports, casual, throw away, stocking socks, winter etc.
5.  Step back and access the piles.
6.  Put obvious pairs together.
7. Layout the single socks and keep pairing until you only have a few pairs left.

Single socks

Single socks laid out to find their match.

With that done, you are ready to put away your pairs of socks.

To make more room in my sock drawer, I put winter socks into a Ziploc bag to keep them compact and out of general circulation.  You can do this with any socks you use least often or stockings for example.

Socks in ziploc bag

Socks stored in a Ziploc bag to save space and keep tidy in the drawer.

I position the socks I use the most, in the drawer in their types such as sports socks and casual on separate sides.
You are then left with your single socks, and can decide whether or not you want to continue to store them while you search for their partners.

I encourage you to do one small thing today or tomorrow that makes life easier for you and doesn’t involve a membership or forgoing something.

Happy Unite Your Socks Day, Janice