Discussing & Making a Plan for Aging

Candles 40 and 70

I recently presented to a group meeting on decluttering/downsizing methods and mine in particular, which is tailored to an individual’s goals, along with our consumerism culture and having ‘those’ important discussions with family about possessions etc.

I introduced the 40/70 rule of thumb, which is a great one to consider.  The principle is, that when you are in your 40s and your parents are in their 70s, it’s a good time to have discussions to understand what’s important regarding health and financial decisions, driving, dating, and end-of-life.  Add into this, property and what you might want to happen with some of your possessions.
Together you make a plan, commit it in writing and update it as you need to.  This way, you’ll know what to do in a crisis and take the guesswork out of aging.

Here are some links to useful New Zealand resources for creating plans:
Health & Welfare:

Enduring Power of Attorney for Property for items and property:

I hope you find this useful and helps you get a plan in place for your family and elders.
Take care, Janice