For older folk like my 86year old mum (pictured), the idea of going shopping or to a café is I imagine abit like how the first astronauts might have felt when they left their rocket to step out onto the moon in 1969 – a heightened sense of anticipation and excitement, but it’s another planet!
The saying goes; “Patience is a virtue”. It’s not ‘virtual’ it is a real thing, that we can do now to support our elder family, friends and folk who are venturing out (some unaccompanied) into a changed shopping and social environment. In conversations with mum, she said she felt that “It is only the few people who don’t appreciate that it takes longer for oldies like me to get into the new routines and that for most people it’s not a problem to wait a moment longer. But if 1 person shows you their frustration, it could be quite hard to take and hurt your confidence”.
So please, if you are out shopping or in a place where you see that someone needs a bit of extra time, an explanation on what to do, or are being subjected to some ‘impatience’, please be your kind self, share a smile and encouragement, as every little act can mean a lot. Thank you

Be patient with your oldies

Thank you from mum & I