AN EXCELLENT STUFF ARTICLE ABOUT CLOSET CLEANING OUT - March 30, 2020 Life & Style section Isolation to do list: 7 steps to an organised closet 1. Pull everything out 2. Sort into keep, sell and donate piles 3. Mend, de-stain, de-pile and iron 4. Organise by type/colour 5. Undies & socks 6. Squeaky clean shoes 7. Make it smell fresh For fun, try [...]

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Unite Your Socks Day

Happy Unite Your Socks Day 2019 Happy Unite Your Socks Day. Tomorrow is New Year's Day. It's a traditonal time to think about and commit to our New Year resolutions.  I've promised myself to hit the gym, drink more water, get at least 8 hours sleep and a long list of other self-promises that I may also find hard to keep! To [...]

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Cooking Up a Surprise for Christmas

Cooking Up a Surprise for Christmas I've been cooking up a surprise for Christmas for a lovely client, that needs something special to happen at this time of year. We were working together recently and talking about some of the challenges she was facing in her home.  One of these was at night.  She goes downstairs and heats some milk up to have with [...]

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Possession Estate Planning for the Future

Possession Estate Planning for the Future Had a lovely time earlier this week with residents of Village at the Park in Newtown, presenting various approaches and the benefits of decluttering.  Also discussed what to consider when possession estate planning for the future. How did we get so much stuff that we need to estate plan for its future distribution? One answer is that with [...]

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Trademe Survey $1200 of unused stuff – Get help decluttering

Decluttering - A great idea, but do you need help? Read Amber-Leigh Woolf's interesting article in Stuff about the $1200 value and approximately 15 items per person we hoard as unused goods, and how reselling and donating is diverting these items away from going straight to the landfills.  Donating unwanted goods is a great way to give back help your community and the charitable [...]

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Seniors Expo 2019 – Another Huge Success

Seniors Expo 2019 - Another Huge Success Today's Seniors Expo 2019 was a huge success again this year.  The event was held at the Petone Working Men's Club and was opened by Lower Hutt's Major, Ray Wallace.  Bus loads of visitors attended to learn about the many organisations and businesses providing our elder folk and their families with a range of helpful products and [...]

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Working with Earthlink for Good

Working for Good Sort Out Service are always on the lookout for appropriate homes for the diverse range of items we liberate during decluttering and downsizing projects. We work with many worthy Stuart (SOS), Chris and Robert (Earthlink) after a long day decluttering. organisations to donate and re-purpose items and it’s very satisfying for our clients to know that items collected over [...]

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Meet Us at the Seniors Expo 2019 – Tuesday October 8th 2019

BE CONNECTED AND FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SORT OUT SERVICE...COME ALONG TO  THE SENIORS EXPO 2019 TUESDAY OCTOBER 8TH, 2019. 10AM - 3PM AT THE PETONE WORKING MENS CLUB. 47 UDY STREET, PETONE. The expo provides seniors and their families an opportunity to meet organisations and businesses, and to learn about the many activities, services, hobbies and interests available in the local community. Looking [...]

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Vibrant Hutt Magazine Article

This article was published in the August/September 2019 Issue of Vibrant Hutt Magazine - page 23. Author: Deborah Hislop. Vibrant Hutt Magazine showcasing the best of what the Hutt Valley has to offer. Spotlight On Business: SORT OUT SERVICE - Assistance to sort out your home, page 23. SORT OUT SERVICE – Assistance to sort out your home. I am [...]

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Decluttering at home

Decluttering at home Decluttering is good for your well-being and for nature. There are a variety of benefits for decluttering your home including the following. Less can be more. Reduce frustration and save time by not having to search for mislaid items. With less clutter and more space your home will be easier and quicker to clean. There will also be a resulting [...]

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