It’s a great time to get stuck into your linen cupboard to pull out anything that is past its best, to re-organise for better use of space and make it easier to find your go-to items. As charity shops can’t take donated items right now, stow these in your garage or use anything old as cleaning rags or painting drop sheets. Wash those yellowed white sheets, pillowcases and towels, and dry in the sunshine to help brighten and whiten them.
The organising effort and time depend entirely on the volume of linen, towels, blankets and cushions you have stashed in your cupboard. Folding fitted sheets can take a bit to wrangle into order, more so if they have been balled-up or are flannelette, which makes them bulker.
The reward for folding them down properly, is the additional storage space you’ll gain and a much tidier looking cupboard.

This video is one of many you can find online, to show you an easy way to fold fitted sheets:

Here are a few easy steps to re-organise your cupboard

  1. Clear some space on the shelves, taking out enough volume of items to fit on the floor outside.
    I call this part “mess to success”. Start with the shelves and items you want to gain regular, easy access to.
  2. Form your floor pile, pick out items and put them into the same patterns, colours or types/sizes.
  3. Stack items neatly back on the shelves in the order of least used to most used, or whatever system works best for you.
  4. Use any plastic zippered duvet inner or electric blanket bags for storing extra inners or pillows, to keep them dust free and more compact.
  5. If you have wall space, try using sturdy hooks – such as the example shown to hang your drying racks on to keep them out of the way. You can find these are most DYI stores e.g. Bunnings, Mitre 10.
  6. Reuse baskets for smaller items such as flannels and hand towels to keep them together as these tend to get messy/unfold quicker.
A messy linen cupboard

BEFORE: Messy linen cupboard, items hard to find and pull out

A tidy, organised linen cupboard

AFTER: A tidy, organised linen cupboard

I hope this helps you get your linen cupboard organised.