Working for Good

Sort Out Service are always on the lookout for appropriate homes for the diverse range of items we liberate during decluttering and downsizing projects. We work with many worthy organisations to donate and re-purpose items and it’s very satisfying for our clients to know that items collected over time can be of benefit to other people, rather than going to the dump. I’d like to make a special mention of Earthlink, as we recently had the very rewarding experience of working on a huge decluttering project with a couple of great people from this amazing organisation; Chris Ellis (CEO) and the hardworking Robert.

If you haven’t heard about Earthlink, please take a moment to find out about the valuable and inspiring role they play in our community by providing training and supported employment opportunities for people with mental health, addiction and other barriers to getting into paid employment. They offer an opportunity to participate in paid employment with a view to achieving economic independence. The facility at Taita is an eye-opening education in how to recycle for a good cause and our environment. Their Recycling Department provides valuable work experience and skills, as they strip out electrical appliances and computers, rebuild and breathe new life into weed eaters, bikes and dining tables, get white ware of all descriptions in working order and sell everything you can think of in their shop. They also have a Curtain Bank and the clever folk in the Sewing Department badge over out-of-date branded garments and cut-down hi-vis vests to make kindy-kid sized ones. Your little people will love wearing the Earthlink Kids range of cute, comfy and robust clothing made out of merino and other hi-quality materials, and you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment.

Next time you are thinking about taking something to the dump, please consider what Earthlink will take, help support their good work and the community.

Read more about Earthlink, click on the link, like them and share their story on Facebook earthlink inc


This is the team of guys working on a large decluttering project.

Stuart (SOS), Chris and Robert (Earthlink) after a long day decluttering.