Cooking Up a Surprise for Christmas

I’ve been cooking up a surprise for Christmas for a lovely client, that needs something special to happen at this time of year.

We were working together recently and talking about some of the challenges she was facing in her home.  One of these was at night.  She goes downstairs and heats some milk up to have with her medication.  It’s a bit of a tiring hike up and down the stairs after a long day.  It really got me worrying about her doing this in the dark, alone in the house.  So, I suggested getting a microwave upstairs in the office.  Taking the milk up when she goes and leaving it in the microwave.  Then heating it when ready.  Problem solved.  No more late-night stair navigation!

Well as it happens, we decided to replace our used, but trusty microwave which is still in good working order.  This client is going to receive our gift of the microwave in the next couple of days.  We hope that it makes taking her night-time medication easier.  It’s important to us that she knows that we care about trying to make life less challenging and more enjoyable.  I think that’s called spreading the spirit of Christmas one appliance at a time!

Microwave Christmas gift wrapped, ready to give.

Surprise microwave gift, wrapped and ready to deliver as a little special Christmas gift for a client that needs it.

Lady elf Christmas helper

Get your Christmas elf gear on and see if you have a little something you can gift or a way to give a nice surprise to someone who needs it this Christmas.  Giving from the heart really is the best gift of all. Happy Holidays.